Family Law | Landlord-Tenant Law | Tax Law

Family Law:

Going through family issues and conflicts is never an easy experience, whether it be a divorce from your spouse, a battle for child custody, or even just deciding whether you should sign a prenuptial agreement. Events surrounding family tend to be stressful and emotionally draining. That's why we are here to relieve some of the difficulties and handle the legal side of your family issues. For example, we can:
  • Draft and/or review your prenuptial agreements, also known as premarital agreements.
  • Draft and/or review your marital settlement agreements.
  • Fight for your child custody, visitation, and child support rights.
  • Handle your entire divorce, making sure you get what you are entitled to.
We have successfully walked clients through divorces step by step, while fighting for and attaining what they deserve without having to go through a long and expensive trial. We want you to be as comfortable as possible; if you just need some advice as to what your best course of action is, we can help you as we are familiar with the law.


Conflicts can frequently arise between landlords and their tenants. If you, as a landlord, believe you might need to evict a tenant, make sure to ask for our assistance before you even start the process. Our office can handle the eviction from start to finish, ensuring all proper paperwork is filed and procedures are followed. We will prepare any necessary notices to your tenants and will walk you step by step through the service process, answer questions such as:
  • How do you serve your tenant?
  • When do you serve your tenant?
  • How do you prove you served your tenant?
Even if you have already started the eviction process, we can still help you efficiently finish the eviction, ensuring you've followed all the correct procedures. The California eviction process is tenant friendly and strictly procedure driven; this means even one small error could force you to start all over which only prolongs the eviction process. 

We've been able to successfully evict tenants without having to go through the time consuming and costly process of trial.

Tax Law:

If you owe taxes, dealing with the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board can be a confusing and difficult process. We are experienced in tax law & individual tax debt relief and can help you effectively settle your tax troubles and liabilities. Our many successful tax debt relief negotiations include: 
  • Successfully reduced and eliminated thousands of dollars in IRS and FTB assessed taxes for clients owing taxes.
  • Obtained holds on wage garnishments and subsequent releases on FTB wage garnishments.
  • Successfully negotiated lowest possible installment agreements for client (50% less than what the IRS and FTB had originally requested).
  • Successfully negotiated and settled Offers in Compromise for 1% of total amount that client owed to the IRS.
  • Successfully negotiated and obtained penalty abatements leading to the reduction of thousands of dollars in client tax liability.
The Law Offices of Lucy Zheng will handle your tax debts from the beginning to the end. If you aren't sure of exactly how much you owe, which is common among many individuals, our office is skilled at contacting the IRS and/or FTB to request all pertinent information on your account. This ensures that we know of and can take care of all your existing debts the first time around.

We serve tax clients throughout all of California. Whether you are located in the Bay Area, other parts of Northern California, or even Southern California and areas in between, we can handle your tax debt case no matter where you are located. All cases are handled quickly and efficiently. No matter how busy we are, we will always keep you up to date and notified on each and every step throughout the process.