Unlawful Detainer | No Self Help

Although it may seem intuitive to personally remove a tenant who has not paid rent for months or has been violating certain terms of the lease agreement, California law does not allow a landlord to evict a tenant without a court order

This means that a landlord may not lock the tenant out, throw away or throw out the tenant's personal property, cut off utilities, change the locks, and/or physically remove the tenant. If you choose to remove a tenant without a court order you could face serious consequences

Evictions are complicated and are governed by strict laws & court rules. In some cases, they may be convoluted by special city specific rent control laws. There are a number of intricate forms to file and serve in an eviction case. Any mistake or inexperience could cause you to lose your case, forcing you to start over and giving your tenant more time to stay on the property rent free. 

Our offices are experienced in landlord tenant law and have successfully fought for and completed many evictions throughout the greater bay area. Even if you have already started the process but are unsure of how to proceed, we can help. Contact the Law Offices of Lucy Zheng for a consultation and case evaluation.