Unlawful Detainer | Money Judgment

Non-payment of rent is one of the most common reasons for an eviction. Most people are not aware that unpaid rent can actually be recovered after the eviction process. This second portion of the eviction is also known as obtaining a money judgment. 

If you have successfully obtained a court order for the actual physical removal of the tenant either by default or by trial, you can now petition the court for a money judgment which, if issued, will allow you to collect against the ex-tenant's non-exempt assets. 

Even if you were not aware of the possibility of a money judgment at the time of the eviction, you may still be able to file for one if you fall within the time frame for doing so, also known as the Statute of Limitations. 

Whether you have completed your eviction and need help with obtaining a money judgment or you would like assistance with the entire eviction process including the money judgment, the Law Offices of Lucy Zheng is experienced in landlord tenant law and can help you fight for your rights. Contact us for a consultation and case evaluation.