Tax Law | Tax Lien

A tax lien is one method that, believe it or not, is frequently used by the IRS and/or California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) to collect unpaid taxes. People often confuse tax liens and tax levies. Tax liens are a claim by the IRS and/or FTB against your property to secure an unpaid tax debt while tax levies actually result in the taking of property to satisfy a tax debt.

Once a tax lien is filed, it attaches to all current and future, personal and business assets acquired during the duration of the lien. This can make it very hard to sell or dispose of property. A tax lien also affects your ability to obtain credit and may continue even after a bankruptcy. 

If you have not yet addressed your tax debt, now is the time. Tax debt is a frightening subject, but with an experienced tax attorney you can rest assured that your account is less likely to go into the final stages of IRS and/or FTB collections. Don't wait until your a lien has been filed against your property to contact us. The Law Offices of Lucy Zheng may be able to represent you against the IRS and/or FTB and minimize your losses if we step in early.