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We understand your first, or even second/third, DUI can be a frightening and intimidating experience. That's why we are experienced in the DUI process and DUI reduction negotiations. We will fight for you and make sure the arresting officer followed all procedures correctly. For example, we will request discovery if applicable and make sure the instruments used to measure your blood alcohol have been properly maintained and correctly calibrated. 

If we are able to find any errors, inconsistencies, or inaccuracies anywhere in the People's case, we will pursue the lowest possible punishment for your DUI and fight for a reduction in your penalties. Our attorney has successfully negotiated and obtained the lowest penalty for DUI clients, often negotiating significantly reduced jail times. We are experienced and familiar with the local court rules and procedures, and will handle your DUI from the very beginning to the end, starting with your DMV hearing through entering a plea with the court.

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