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Conflicts can frequently arise between landlords and their tenants. If you, as a landlord, believe you might need to evict a tenant, make sure to ask for our assistance before you even start the process. Our office can handle the eviction from start to finish, ensuring all proper paperwork is filed and procedures followed. We will prepare any necessary notices to your tenants and will walk you step by step through the service process, answer questions such as:

  • How do you serve your tenant?
  • When do you serve your tenant?
  • How do you prove you served your tenant?

Even if you have already started the eviction process, we can still help you efficiently finish the eviction, ensuring you've followed all the correct procedures. The California eviction process is tenant friendly and strictly procedure driven; this means even one small error could force you to start all over which only prolongs the eviction process. 

We have a 100% eviction success rate, and we've been able to successfully evict tenants without having to go through the time consuming and costly process of trial.

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