DUI Law | Alternative Sentencing

A California DUI carries with it some severe consequences and penalties, one of which is jail time. There is a mandatory 48 hours of jail time for a first DUI, 96 hours of jail time for a second DUI, and 120 hours of jail time for a third DUI. 

However, what most people don't know is that an experienced DUI attorney can help you negotiate alternative sentencing options so that you don't have to serve the required jail time. 

Most courts have alternative sentencing programs designed to help both first time and repeat DUI offenders. Putting you in jail doesn't benefit anyone; it's expensive for the state and it may prevent you from getting the help you need. 

If you have been stopped for a DUI and would like to know what your options are in terms of alternative sentencing, contact the Law Offices of Lucy Zheng for an initial consultation and case evaluation. Only a skilled DUI defense attorney can fight for your rights and obtain the best outcome for you in a DUI case.