Tax Law | Wage Garnishment

If tax debt is ignored the IRS and/or California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) may garnish your wages in an effort to collect unpaid taxes. A wage garnishment allows the IRS and/or FTB to withhold money for unpaid taxes directly from your paycheck. At this point, employers will have no option but to continue withholding wages until your debt has been paid off. 

Luckily, a wage garnishment can be prevented with an experienced tax attorney who possesses the necessary skills for successful communication and negotiation with the IRS and/or FTB. 

If you have not yet addressed your tax debt, now is the time. Tax debt is a frightening subject but with an experienced tax attorney you can rest assured that your account is less likely to go into the final stages of IRS and/or FTB collections. Don't wait until your wages have been garnished to contact us. The Law Offices of Lucy Zheng may be able to help you avoid a wage garnishment if we step in early.