Family Law | Visitation

In child custody battles the court typically hands down a custody order and a visitation order. The visitation order grants the non-custodial parent reasonable rights to visit with his/her child. Visitation does not mean you only have a small amount of time with your child per day, week, or month. It is merely a term to describe the rights of the parent who has his/her child less than half of the time.

Visitation rights also extend beyond just the parents. Grandparents, siblings, and stepparents may also petition for visitation so long as visitation is in the best interest of the child. However it is important to note that non-parent visitation rights may not always be granted.

There are different types of visitation options including scheduled visitation, reasonable visitation, supervised visitation, or even no visitation where the court deems appropriate. Similar to a child custody determination, courts consider a variety of factors when determining visitation but ultimately the child's best interest is at the heart of every case.

Once a visitation order is in place, either parent can and may want to change the order. To do so, one must show that there has been a "change in circumstances" since the last visitation order was made.

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