Family Law | Spousal Support

During a separation or divorce proceeding, one of the most pressing issues is how much spousal support, if any, will be awarded in the case. Spousal support is a court ordered amount of money that one party must pay to the other party on a monthly basis to support his or her living expenses. 

Many factors affect a court's decision on how much spousal support should be awarded, including but not limited to income of the parties, duration of the marriage, and standard of living of the parties. 

Despite what you may have heard about spousal support, it is not permanent. Spousal support may be reduced or even terminated in certain situations, but the courts will not reduce or terminate your payments without action on your party. 

Therefore if you are currently proceeding with a divorce and need to establish spousal support, or would like to modify your current spousal support, contact the Law Offices of Lucy Zheng for a consultation and evaluation of your case.