Family Law | Marital Settlement Agreement

If your divorce settles, a marital settlement agreement will be necessary to complete and finalize the divorce. 

A marital settlement agreement, also known as a divorce settlement agreement, contains all the terms of your settlement including property divisions, custody, and support. Typically one party's attorney will draft the initial marital settlement agreement while the other party's attorney will review, edit, and eventually approve the agreement. 

When reviewing the marital settlement agreement with your attorney, make sure you understand every provision and ask all the questions you might have. Every provision in the agreement is meant to be binding and enforceable. Once you sign the marital settlement agreement or stipulated judgment, it becomes final. 

Whether you are looking for an attorney to draft your marital settlement agreement or you just need an attorney to help review your marital settlement agreement, the Law Offices of Lucy Zheng can help help. We can draft or review your marital settlement agreement to ensure you are receiving everything you are entitled to while minimizing any inconsistencies in the language that could result in future conflicts. Contact us and we can get started right away.