Family Law | Divorce

Divorce is a stressful time for everyone, but when you're trying to navigate the process without knowledge of the laws and procedures governing divorce, it can become an even more anxious and emotional process. 

There are a lot of issues to be determined in a divorce. How should the property be divided? Who gets to keep the house? How much should spousal support be set at, if any at all? What about the children? Who gets custody of them and how much should the non-custodial parent have to pay for support? With so many questions the divorce process can quickly become a daunting process

The most popular question that arises in divorce cases is, how should the property be divided? California is a community property state which means that all assets and debts acquired during marriage will generally be equally divided at divorce absent an agreement. If only the law were really that simple. Unfortunately an equal division at divorce is just the basic foundation on which layers of exceptions and nuisances are built that could greatly affect the amount that you are entitled to.

A knowledgeable California family law attorney can help you fight for what you deserve during an already stressful and emotional divorce, without having to go through the timely and costly process of trial. Contact the Law Offices of Lucy Zheng today for a consultation and case evaluation.