Family Law | Child Custody

Children often suffer the most when parents are fighting. Things can get difficult for the children when parents are openly fighting for time with them. Child custody is a court ordered plan for the care, maintenance, and control of a child when parents cannot settle the issues on their own.

There are two types of custody that arise in a child custody case. Legal custody is the right to make decisions for your child in areas such as health and education. Physical custody is the right to have your child live with you.

Parents can petition for the joint or sole custody of their child. Joint legal and physical custody will allow both parents to make decisions regarding their child and time with the child will be split between the parents. Sole legal and physical custody will give one parent the right to make decisions regarding his/her child and a majority of the child's time will be spent with that parent. Although courts consider a variety of factors when determining child custody, the child's best interest is ultimately at the heart of every child custody case. 

Once a child custody order is in place, either parent can and may want to change the order. To do so, one must show that there has been a "change in circumstances" since the last child custody order was made. 

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